Book Chat: Omega Days

Different groups of survivors fight to stay alive when a zombie apocalypse hits.

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San Francisco, California. Father Xavier Church has spent his life ministering to unfortunate souls, but he has never witnessed horror like this. After he forsakes his vows in the most heartrending of ways, he watches helplessly as a zombie nun takes a bite out of a fellow priest’s face…
University of California, Berkeley. Skye Dennison is moving into her college dorm for the first time, simultaneously excited to be leaving the nest and terrified to be on her own. When her mother and father are eaten alive in front of her, she realizes the terror has just begun…
Alameda, California. Angie West made millions off her family’s reality gun show on the History Channel. But after she is cornered by the swarming undead, her knowledge of heavy artillery is called into play like never before…

Within weeks, the world is overrun by the walking dead. Only the quick and the smart, the strong and the determined, will survive—for now.


We follow a multitude of characters, from how they were affected when the outbreak started, to how each individual survived.  These are two of my favorite parts of a zombie story and I wasn’t disappointed.

Xavier is a priest who questions his faith. I liked his character and felt he was too hard on himself. Skye is a college student who sees her parents and younger sister attacked by zombies as they were helping her move into her dorm. It was the start of a new life for her, but not in the way she expected. Skye was my favorite character. Her development throughout the story was admirable as she not only learns to survive, but becomes a kick-ass female heroine.

Carney and T.C. are escaped convicts. Carney’s actions toward some other cons in the beginning had me wondering if he was totally nonredeemable. But a nobler side emerged when he rescued Skye after she was almost overwhelmed by zombies. T.C. showed his true colors early on; a disgusting human being with a rapist mentality.

Angie and her companions were an interesting group. Due to her reality TV show about fire arms, her van was filled with guns. Angie and her team start gathering survivors, using their abilities. There were other intriguing characters; a motorcycle riding travel writer, a family of hippies living off the grid, a Russian pilot, and a con man evangelist who is evil to the core.

Each character’s ultimate goal was to reach a large ship on the coast, rumored to offer shelter and refuge. Fate brought them together for this endeavor.

An enjoyable read. Recommended for zombie and horror fans.

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