Book Chat: Jillybean’s First Adventure:     

  An Undead World Expansion (The Undead World Book 11)

by Peter Meredith

A 6 year old girl is surviving a zombie infested world alone, using her brain and will to live.

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When the apocalypse hits and nearly wipes out humanity, the survivors band together in little knots, fighting desperately to stay alive. All except one forgotten child. Six-year-old Jillybean has been alone for months with “monsters” prowling endlessly around her house, looking to eat her as they did Mrs. Polarski from up the street.

A big bunch of them ate the old lady down to the bone and left nothing but chunks of scalp with long strands of bloody, brown hair attached, and also an elbow. They left her elbow behind and Jillybean could never understand why.
That elbow haunted her, as did Mrs. Polarski’s screams.

When the monsters first came there had been many screams. All night there would be horrible, scary screams, and they had been simply awful, but the silence was worse. The heavy silence went on and on until Jillybean couldn’t take it any longer…and that was when her stuffed zebra began to talk to her.

From then on, things got better. She even left her house. This is the story of a mentally shattered little girl finding the courage to live when so many millions of adults had died pissing their pants and choking on their own blood as they screamed.


Jillybean is a 6 year old girl, alone in a zombie infested world. Her mommy died and is still in her bedroom. Jillybean’s only companion is a toy zebra, Ipes. He talks to her, giving her sound advice, sometimes in her dad’s voice. Ipes is clearly her subconscious giving her suggestions through this unusual device adults would question, but not a young child.

Ipes urges the girl to search for supplies outside; she’s been without food for 2 days. Jillybean is terrified because the monsters roam the neighborhood. When she emerges from the house, Jillybean draws the attention of old Mrs. Bennett, now one of the scary creatures. Using stealth and speed, she evades the zombie. Sadly, she runs across her best friend Becca, who is now a monster too.

Although only a novella, this story was fascinating and full-bodied. You feel so sorry for this poor child. The author does a great job of showing a shattered mind in the making. Who among us wouldn’t feel the same, even more so for a child. My background is Psychology and I was impressed with Meredith’s understanding of a confused, terrified individual. If you’ve followed the Generation Z series, you know that not only does Jillybean survive, but has some unique coping abilities – her mind.





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