Book Chat: Hellborn

A graphic novel about demon possession that will send chills down your back.

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Plagued by terrible dreams, Diana Cross consults a psychic, but remains unaware that the demon Astragoth seeks to possess her.


Diana has always had psychic powers, which frighten her. She knows when her son needs her, or when she is thinking of someone, they will call. But when she nearly runs into a terrifying figure in a fog, she doesn’t know if it is real or not. Nightmares overcome her sleep and she moves temporarily to a seaside town for a change. Perhaps at Tranquilo Beach she can clear her mind and get back to painting book illustrations for children.

She meets an interesting newspaper man in town and they start dating. Also, she makes friends with a group of ladies who are into trying new activities. Things go terribly wrong when Edith, the leader, decides the group should summon a demon in a ceremony. Suddenly people around Diana start coming onto her in a very sexual manner.

Unbeknownst to Diana, a demon from hell, Astragoth, has been seeking her, and now he’s on her trail after Edith opened the doorway. In centuries past, he was promised a bride by an ancient people, and is drawn to Diana. It is never stated, but it seems as though the heroine is a reincarnation of the original sacrificial bride.

Astragoth pursues Diana through those around her, taking possession of their bodies. Each time he fails, he moves on to another human, hoping one can entice her sexually. It is a disgusting process by which Astragoth takes over a person. They are forced to take part in sexual acts that are often abhorrent, including incest. The individual being seduced for the transference is screaming in horror inside while the demon ignites their bodies with sexual desire.

Thankfully, using the full power of her psychic abilities, Diana does overcome the beast in the end. At least it appears that way, but there is doubt in her mind. Warning: Disturbing sexual scenes, but something you’d expect from a demon which thrives on carnal encounters. I understand Brandner’s sexual content was shocking when it was published and though people have become accustomed to erotic material in horror novels since then, it is still an unsettling read.





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