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Gabby’s Run

The 4th installment in the exciting THEM series.





The Fourth Volume in M.D. Massey’s THEM Paranormal Zombie Apocalypse Series!
Gabby Mendoza is learning how to survive the zombie apocalypse, by any means necessary. But when she’s separated from her uncle during a routine training mission, she’ll need every trick and skill she possesses to save her friend from a danger far worse than any deader she’s ever hunted…

It’s lonely, living in the bunker with my aunt and uncle. But it’s better than living out there, hiding from them at night, and avoiding the slavers and cannibals during the day.


I was looking forward to reading Gabby’s story after being introduced to her in the series and I wasn’t disappointed. I was curious how Gabby ended up in the sorry condition in which Scratch first found her and now I know her story.

Gabby is 16 years old but looks 12, due to the treatments Dr. Perez gave her, making her stronger, faster and with heightened senses. This is both an advantage and disadvantage for her. While passing for a much younger person she can go unnoticed by people, taking for granted she is too young to be a threat. But it means she can’t grab the attention of boys her own age, which hurts her as a teen girl.

Getting separated from her Uncle while on a training mission, Gabby has a tough time on her own but she manages in spite of the obstacles. She has multiple run-ins with the undead and punters. It was nice when she met two kids; one girl around her true age. She had hopes for a female friend, but then things turned bad when the younger boy is captured by the “Boogey Man” monster.

Gabby won’t stop until she rescues Raleigh and brings him back to his family. It was a crazy plan she devised to stop the child snatching, cannibal monster, but it worked. She lured a werewolf into the monster’s abode and while they fought, she helped all the captured children to escape.

An enjoyable shorter novel in Massey’s THEM series. Told from Gabby’s viewpoint and YA genre. There are many dark elements including rape and cannibalism, so may be more appropriate for older teens and adults. Recommended for fans of the series and readers who love all the elements this series encompasses; zombies, werewolves, vampires, and other monsters.


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