Check out all the reviews for this wonderful Frankenstein series by Dean Koontz



Frankenstein 1: Prodigal Son



A fascinating retelling of the Frankenstein legend by the talented Koontz.


Frankenstein 2: City of Night




Victor Frankenstein’s creations are set to kill humanity, but they are spiraling out of control into madness.


Frankenstein 3: Dead & Alive




The 3rd fascinating novel in the Frankenstein series. Victor’s creations continue to spiral out-of-control, while the heroes in this tale race to put a stop to the madman’s plans for humanity.

Frankenstein 4: Lost Souls



The 4th book in Koontz’s exciting Frankenstein series. Deucalion and his friends are desperate to track down Victor, who had died in the last book, but somehow is back again, intent on ending the human race.


Frankenstein 5: The Dead Town



The final book in the Frankenstein series. Exciting, filled with action, and an ending I found very satisfying.


Each book earned a 5 Star Review!