Book Chat: Father of the Flesh

An occult monster novel with Lovecraft style plot line.





Terror befalls a rural Chinese village when an ancient evil awakens from its slumber. Within days, the villagers start transforming into horribly deformed blobs of skin with an unslakable hunger for human flesh. The town is soon overrun by an ever-growing mass of skin that devours livestock, houses, and people. The Chinese government calls in Professor Davis Nickels to investigate the otherworldly horror. A centenarian, occultist, and professor of archaeology, Davis is no stranger to the paranormal, having spent a lifetime battling monsters from beyond human understanding. But age is catching up to the old professor, and this new threat is bigger than anything he’s ever faced. With the help of two graduate students and the Chinese military, he sets off to thwart the ancient menace before it can engulf the world.



The blurb caught my interest because of the “blob-like” creatures described. Although not actually blobs like in the namesake movie, the monsters are very creepy.

Dr. Nickels’, an expert in the occult and paranormal, is asked by the Chinese government to help investigate strange occurrences in a village. They desperately need his assistance in ridding a village of horrible creatures which have invaded it. The monsters consume humans in order to add to their ranks.

Nickels brings two students, Huan and James, from his college with him. They prove invaluable aids with their fighting skills. Trying to find the source of the monsters, the group treks up a mountain, where they are captured by a mysterious cult of monks. These are some tough hombres; with awesome fighting skills, healing powers and supernatural abilities.

Soon they discover the “Father of the Flesh”, the oldest of the Old Gods, is stirring from his slumber. Nickels, his students and a small group of monks must go into the underground caverns where the ancient God sleeps, in order to put things right again. The group must survive by fighting to the death with the disgusting creatures guarding the Father of the Flesh, and find at the end, the situation was not was they first surmised.

Nickels is a fascinating character. A tiny man filled with archaic wisdom and a grim determination that belies his age and physical body. An interesting read for monster lovers and Lovecraft enthusiasts.




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