Book Chat: Extinction Undead Apocalypse

(THEM Paranormal Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 5)

The 5th book in the exciting THEM series.

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In the eight years since the bombs fell and the dead rose, not once has Scratch Sullivan wanted to hang up his guns and retire from hunting Them. But after failing to save his girlfriend Kara from a fate worse than death, he’s left lost and angry as he faces the heartbreaking absence of his lover and friend.

Yet, the apocalypse is a fickle mistress, and fate has more in store for the former spec ops soldier and war vet. And as Scratch faces a new and terrifying threat alongside his remaining companions, he uncovers a sinister plot that threatens the very future of humanity.

For that reason alone, the hunter is heading out on one last, desperate mission—because he’ll be damned if he fails the people he loves again. Even if he has to sacrifice himself to do it, he’s determined to ensure that the human race will survive, long after he’s dead and gone.

And if Scratch has his way, he’ll cause an extinction of his own… an undead apocalypse!



Scratch, Gabby and Bobby are on a scavenger run when they see punters running like a horde of zombies were chasing them. They capture one punter to question as to what’s up; he claims a pack of dcmon dogs are chasing and slaughtering his group members.

Poor Scratch and the other survivors have enough to worry about with fighting vampires, zombies and werewolves. Now they have a new threat to contend with. After tracking the hounds, they discover the beasts are much larger than normal, with huge fangs and also clearly undead. Collin speculates the dogs were created and are controlled by a powerful witch, perhaps even a vampire witch. This makes the problem much worse since these breed of witches are very difficult to kill.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Vampire Coven are clearly sending an unending stream of zombies daily against the Facility Sanctuary. Scratch and his friends search for the coven to try and stop them. Thropes from Bobby’s pack join in, as well as the Rabbi and his Golem. It was interesting to see the old magician and his golem creation reappear.

After hunting demon dogs and for coven members, the friends check in with the Facility and discover it has been invaded by vamps. A big fight ensues to retake the Sanctuary. Afterward, resuming the search for the Coven, Scratch runs into his old girlfriend, Kara; now turned vampire. He doesn’t know if he can trust her, but she seems to still care for him.

They discover the witch is Calypso, a powerful, ancient vampire witch. Scratch blows up the Dallas vampires, then with Kara’s help they destroy Calypso. Afterward, Scratch and Kara decide to go live in peace and quiet on his ranch. It doesn’t take long for their solitude to be shattered by people seeking help, and that will make for another book…I hope.

Highly recommended for fans of the THEM series and those who love different paranormal elements in their books – vampires, zombies, werewolves, magical creatures, etc.








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