Book Chat: Extinction Cycle,

Book 4

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Beckham and the survivors of Plum Island race against time to find a way to stop the Variants; their rapid mutations are making them harder to kill. Will humanity survive this newest round of evolution?

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Central Command is gone, the military is fractured, and the surviving members of Team Ghost, led by Master Sergeant Reed Beckham, have been pushed to the breaking point.

Betrayed by the country they swore to defend and surrounded by enemies on all sides, Team Ghost has one mission left: protect Dr. Kate Lovato and Dr. Pat Ellis while they develop a weapon to defeat the Variants once and for all. But after a grisly discovery in Atlanta, Kate and Ellis realize their weapon might not be able to stop the evolution of the monsters.

Joined by unexpected allies and facing a new threat none of them saw coming, the survivors are running out of time to save the human race from extinction.



Beckham and his friends at Plum Island know things are escalating with the Variants, for they are evolving at an alarming rate. Plus the adaptations are very dangerous, including growing gills for water environments and camouflage for their surroundings. Kate worries the Kryptonite may not work on all the mutations developing among the Variants. To put their survival even at more risk, they receive video evidence that the creatures are breeding. Therefore, a team led by Sergeant Garcia is sent to observe the infected. Garcia is shocked when he sees the offspring; armor-plated monstrosities. The team goes into the underground tunnels of NY and that’s where the Sarge is nabbed by two traitors; Army collaborators working for the Variants.

While this seems impossible, Garcia is dragged in front of a gigantic beast called the White King by the traitors. The king is capable of limited speech and mental abilities. Garcia is given the choice of joining the other two deserters or be torn apart, trading his life in exchange for helping find human survivors. The Sergeant goes along with them until he can escape topside.

Different teams are sent into the tunnels to try and capture a baby Variant so the Kryptonite can be tested on it. After the teams are slaughtered, Fritz is charged with heading a team. Beckham is angry, one of his friends is being sent out, but not with their team. While headquarters watches on video feed, Fritz’s team is torn apart too, but no one is sure if Fritz is alive, since they didn’t see him killed. Beckham and his team go against orders to mount a rescue attempt; Garcia and his men join them. Though not finding Fritz, they do manage to grab a juvenile Variant. Unbeknownst to Beckham, Fritz escaped with Apollo, and they are on their way to Plum Island. Fritz had spotted and listened to plans of a group of collaborators. They were piloting boats to the island, loaded with Variants.

The infected attack the base, and kidnap humans, including Kate.  Beckham is too far away to help, and of course beside himself with worry. Once he arrives at the island, it is an easy decision – they’re going after the survivors and bringing them back alive.

There is lots of fighting and new horrors in this book. The Variants are disgusting and terrible scenes of them attacking and eating humans is described. The teams were amazing against the Variants, showing honor and warrior skills that few possess. I thoroughly enjoyed this book in the series. Highly recommended for Sansbury and zombie fans.





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