Book Chat: Cordyceps: Last Man Standing 

Book 2

by Keith Taylor

 Tom and Bishop discover the infected are not the only terror in this new world. They are prisoners of the government, being used for test subjects for a cure.

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The United States has fallen. Millions have died, and millions more have fled in terror to the refugee-swamped central states. A month after the infection struck the east is a dead zone, populated only by the infected and those dumb or crazy enough to stay behind and fight.

Tom Freeman is among the last to remain, and he’s quickly learning that there are worse things to fear than the infected. Dark forces work to turn the tragedy to their advantage, and the greatest danger may not be from those hungry to feed… but those hungry for power.

Trust no one…

Watch your back…

Don’t fall asleep…

They’re here.


After Bishop and Tom are taken to the military camp, they are secured in a metal cabin. At first it seemed great; they were safe from the infected and though the meals were bland, at least they had food. But Tom quickly determined they were prisoners. They weren’t allowed outside the cabin, and what was up with the daily blood tests?

Vee (Victoria) and Warren are soldiers at the camp and don’t like it when they observe the survivors being used as test subjects. The doctors are trying to come up with a cure. The two defect, and then set up explosives to blow the security keeping the people locked up in the cabins. Unfortunately, all those escaping out the doors are infected, except Tom and Bishop.

The friends leave with Vee and Warren, who explain what was happening at camp. After the top government leaders were killed, Lassiter, a far right wing religious nut was put in charge. He ordered the search for a vaccine, only it wasn’t his true objective. Lassiter orders the deployment of pilots to drop the vaccine over many cities and states. The pilots are unwittingly delivering humans up for more massacres as each exposed person turns into a zombie. Lassiter’s goal is to wipe the slate clean of the many Godless people, leaving him in charge of those left. Whelan, the director of the CIA, helped Lassiter carry out his mission – Operation Crop Dust. But when he discovers the leader’s true purpose, he knows Lassiter is insane. He plans an execution of the President, and it was a good one. I’ll leave the pleasure of Lassiter’s demise to the reader.

Meanwhile, Tom, Bishop, Vee and Warren are headed to Columbus, rumored to be a safe haven. Unexpectedly, Vee is kidnapped while the men sleep.  Roy belongs to a community with a good set up, but due to his laziness, he was kicked out. Hoping to get back in their good graces, Roy brought the attractive woman to the community. She was a fighter and he didn’t escape injury, mostly to his genitals. When Vee is taken to meet the Chief of the community, she finds him charming and handsome. But that quickly evaporates when he orders Roy placed in the courtyard below, surrounded by zombies. While she dislikes Roy, she is not inhumane and is disgusted by the display as the man is ripped apart.

In the meantime, her friends are hot on her trail, and manage to slip inside the main building unseen. Vee is escaping through an air vent and surprises Tom when she drops from above. When they are discovered, it is a gun fueled breakout. A dangerous walk across a board to the adjacent building seems to offer the safest way out. Bishop is last, and as he hesitates, he is shot. Tom is shocked to see who gunned down his friend; Sergeant Lawrence, the soldier who killed his girlfriend Kate in Book 1. Vee tells Tom the man is the Chief.

Detailed information was given about the disease and how it was developed. I found it interesting and a believable explanation for the existence of zombies. The story is full of intrigue and several disgusting characters, but also the heroes who do care for their fellow man.

I preferred this book to the first one, which I felt had some misinformation about the military. Although there were bad soldiers in this story, there were also good ones. A solid read.





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