Book Chat: Brine and Blood

by C. R. Langille

A short story with a punch. Lovecraft style with lurking monsters and a sexy woman luring the hero toward dark waters.

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In a storm-ravaged Salt Lake City, private detective Bartholomew Morgan is on the case to find a missing person. During his investigation, he begins to uncover strange things, and the deeper he digs, the darker it gets. Follow Morgan through the twists and turns of this occult tale and see if he can save the world from drowning in darkness, brine, and blood.


Although a short story, it pulled me in right away. The main character, Morgan, is a private eye. The description of his office made me think of detectives from the old movies; with an office that is shabby and an upbeat secretary keeping things together.

Morgan’s client for the opening sequence is Ms. Whatley, a beautiful, sexy woman looking her son, who has disappeared. The detective is surprised by her home when he goes to investigate her son’s room. The house is big, old and sparsely furnished, not fitting the sophisticated, alluring woman who hired him. His hackles are raised and he doesn’t trust her.

What Morgan discovers when he finds Ms. Whatley’s son is shocking, and I don’t want to give away the story. But definitely shades of Lovecraft, with the feeling of monsters lurking beneath murky waters and human sacrifice. Additionally the hero is drawn to a woman who reeks of danger and hidden secrets. Morgan may have been pulled into the supernatural world with no escape.

Well written. Recommended for horror lovers looking for a quick, enjoyable read.





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