Book Chat: Slow Burn: Grind

Book 8

by Bobby Adair

The adrenaline fueled 8th book in this exciting zombie series.

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Time for Revenge It’s time for revenge. Zed’s animosity toward Mark has been simmering through the deaths of too many of his friends. Zed realizes he can no longer pretend he’s able to take the high road and rise above his hate. He sets out to track the horde of naked Whites in order to find Mark and kill him. Of course, none of Zed’s schemes work out as planned. See what kind of trouble he and Murphy get into in Slow Burn: Grind.


Zed and Murphy are driving out of Austin when Zed makes a monumental decision – he has to find Mark and kill him. Shaving his head and stripping down to just his boots, he’s ready to slip in among the Whites. He tracks the huge group that he is sure Mark is a part of; one of the Smart leaders.

Once he locates the horde, Zed spots a giant harvesting machine and decides mowing down many zombies is a great idea. He needs a lot of fuel for the machine and comes up with a strategy. Making himself an Alpha over a small group of Whites, he utilizes them to haul the diesel. It was an amazing scene after Zed gets the harvester running, mowing down hundreds, perhaps thousands of Whites. He didn’t count on the huge machine stalling, but it was meant to cut down corn not human bodies.

Stuck on top of the harvester, Zed didn’t know if he’d escape the horde surrounding him. When a sniper shoots the Whites near him, he uses the chaos to run away. It was none other than Murphy who saved him, having followed his intrepid friend. The two are chased by zombies relentlessly and are almost caught several times.

When the horde moves closer to Ft. Hood,   Zed decides to use them to take out the Survivors camped there. Setting fires in houses along the route, they draw the horde toward the base. Zed’s plan works and the Survivors are wiped out. He also manages to find Mark and kill him.

Zed is harboring a lot of anger in this book. He feels Amber, Steph and his soul will not rest until Mark is taken out of this world. I love Zed’s character, even though he goes off on seat-of-the-pants missions that are insane. But he does anything to keep his friends safe, often totally reckless.

It’s adrenaline pumping action in this book. A highly recommended zombie series.




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