Book Chat: Behold Darkness

(Wolves of the Apocalypse) (Volume 1)

A terrorist attack grips the survivors in a battle of wits and action packed scenes.





Never let a crisis go to waste. Carpe jugulum.

That’s the credo of haunted yet ambitious New York businessman Nathan Serebus, a man content to consider himself anything but a hero. His motto will be put to the test, though, when a trip to San Francisco lands him and his attorney Albin Conrad in the middle of a multiple-target terrorist attack.

Worse, the strikes are a cover for the extremists’ true purpose: to release a contagion that transforms people into savage, unthinking cannibals.

As the cannibals turn on civilians and terrorists alike, and San Francisco descends into monstrous violence, Nathan and his friends fight with the brutality and ferocity of wolves to survive—and not only against the infected flesh-eaters.

Despite Nathan’s tenacity, the terrorist mastermind Cheel takes him and his people hostage. But Nathan has always thrived on chaos. As he matches wits with Cheel—a man whose goals may be closer to Nathan’s than he’d like to believe—he finds himself left with a decision: fight his demons or embrace them?


Nathan and his personal assistant, Albin, are caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. To make matters more chaotic, the terrorist have released a virus which turns people into cannibals. The two friends are trying to make it to safety, help others, and stop the terrorist from getting their hands on the deadly formula for creating human monsters. As a lover of all things zombie, I would have enjoyed more encounters with the cannibals, but the scenes with cannibals were well done.

Nathan was a dark hero, not blinking an eye when he has to kill. Interesting character, as was Albin. I wanted a deeper peek into Albin’s background and that was provided at the end of the story. The author’s descriptions are hard-hitting action in a rapid fire manner. A lot of intrigue and chess move strategies between Nathan and the Arabic leader of the terrorists.

I was a bit confused about the hero. Descriptions of wolves howling in his mind made me wonder if he were a shifter. Then it was shared that one of his ancestors was a Viking berserker I kept hoping the rage of the berserker would come over Nathan; that would have been cool. Near the end we find out why he keeps hearing the wolves, what they are, and what they represent.

For this reader there was too much going into rooms and buildings. Less of that would have chiseled the story into a more concise read. If you enjoy books with action and the main characters overcoming terrorists, check this one out.




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