Book Chat: Aftershock: A Collection of Survivors Tales

A collection of stories about survivors of a zombie apocalypse.






Life after an outbreak is a nightmare for those who are struggling to survive. Aftershock follows several groups as they make their way in this drastically different world as they confront not just the relentless undead, but the dark side of humanity living in lawlessness. Ian, an infantryman who fought on the front line at the beginning of the end, Jessica, an author from a small town in New Jersey, and Reverend Samuel Mathis, a Methodist minister struggling with his faith after the Apocalypse are just a few of the characters you will meet and travel with as they search for some kind of existence in the wasteland that America has become.



This book is divided up into short chapters, with each revolving around different characters. There were 9 characters (10 if you count Rocky the dog) we follow from the initial outbreak though survival from the zombies. Due to the way it was set up, it was easy to follow along on each character’s journey.  Every survivor dealt with the apocalypse in completely different ways and that was interesting. I could quickly see the survivors would end up meeting at some point.

My favorite character was Max, a young  9 year old boy. He was tough and made it through the first few weeks on his own with the aid of his sidekick, Rocky. He reminded me of a young Carl, but one that became a warrior much earlier.

William was another fascinating character. I was quite surprised when I figured out he was an Autistic young man. The descriptions of William’s thoughts about the world sounded spot on from the knowledge I have of the condition. I still wasn’t completely clear how he survived the zombies. Other facts of his survival were clear, but how did he know to stay away from the infected?

It was interesting that this book and different characters were written by a husband and wife team. Definitely gave different voices to characters. Valerie shared that she’d written Max’s story and Kristopher wrote William’s. Great job on both their parts. I am looking forward to reading the book following this one , and I recommend Aftershock be added to zombie fans reading list.


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