Book Chat: Necrophobia 2

by Jack Hamlyn

 Steve is up to his eyeballs fighting the infected and the militia ARM. There are many new surprises for the hero as he encounters horrific new versions of the undead.

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Nightmare, New York. From Manhattan to the Bronx, Queens to Brooklyn, a hellzone of the walking dead, crazed survivalists, and deranged cults. One man will stand against them. One man will fight them street to street. He’ll do anything to find his friends and his son. There’s no pit he won’t crawl through. No enemy he will not face. And God help anyone who gets in his way.


At the end of Book 1, Steve pledged to start taking the cities back from the undead. Unfortunately, this brilliant desire is put on hold as the group struggles to survive.

Steve, Tuck, Riley and Sabelia head to the White Plains National Guard Armory, hoping for supplies, especially ammo. They were out of luck since it had already been cleaned out, and they only found zombies to fight. Except there was one horrifying discovery – soldiers strung upside down and drained of blood. Steve thought it looked ritualistic, but at the back of his mind he couldn’t help but think “vampire”.

Shortly after they return to their camp, the survivors are attacked by the undead and ARM, a savage militia group. Steve scouts outside the tower and finds the fence had been cut by ARM, allowing the infected into the compound.  Being overrun, the friends seek to escape in the tunnel beneath the camp. After intense fighting with the zombies and a few causalities of the group, the survivors head to Yonkers. There’s an armory located in the Bronx. Steve had served there and hoped the bunker beneath had been left untouched. Thankfully, they did find a stash of ammunition and grenades. As they leave, they are attacked by ARM and Steve is separated from his friends.

Steve goes through horrific situations as he searches for the others; including climbing over hundreds of piled up undead bodies, to fighting zombies who seem to get worse with each new encounter. Suddenly, he is knocked out by men he thinks are ARM militia, but when he awakens he discovers they are an offshoot of the Army. Not the Army Steve knew though. The leader meets out violent punishment to those who break the rules; medieval actions including torture. Seeking to fit in, Steve goes along with their insanity, but at the first opportunity he escapes. Confiscating one of the Army units helicopters, he heads toward Yonkers to search for his friends. If they are not at that location he knows they will travel to the Catskills.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, filled with savage characters that make you wish for the heroes to take them out – which they do. Lots of action against militia and the undead. Never a dull moment. A recommended read for zombie fans and those following Jack Hamlyn.




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