Author Guest Post: Myra Nour

Award Winning Dark Fantasy Novel.


Demon Killer by Myra Nour




Attacked by a soldier of the demon race, a young woman has a child from their union. To her horror, he bears the mark of the demon, and her people will stop at nothing to kill it. Being part fairy, Azra uses her magic to try and save her child from his demon blood. In spite of her best efforts, he briefly turns into the monstrous Sartwor beast, slaying her entire village. A perilous journey to the home of the pure blood fairies ensues as she races to save Bretuck before he turns into the beast again. This time she may not be able to pull him from the grasp of the creature ruling his body. Can a mother’s love prevail over her son’s cursed blood?

Demon Killer was previously published in the Shifters anthology published by NCP. It won these awards and was nominated for others: 2002 Dream Realm Awards Winner Love Romances Golden Rose 2002 Reader Choice Awards nominee for Best Anthology 2003 EPPIE Winner for Best Anthology Quasar 2003 Finalist 2003 The SilverMoon Chalice Award nominee




5 Stars! “This book is different from anything I have read. It emphasizes the love of a mother for her child. The sacrifices that she is willing to make to keep her son safe are a mother’s worse fear. As her fears are realized she finds a way to overcome them and create a safe place for her son.” – Miranda Shanklin via Amazon

5 Stars“It’s no surprise to my reads how much I love the darker side of fantasy, demons, or the fae. Myra Nour blends all three in Demon Killer. This is a first for me and the blurb hooked me straight away. It’s a quick read, but it’s a complete story set in a fantasy world.
The writing style is fluid, and I enjoyed the extended vocabulary often missing from self-published books. The editing was stellar too. From front to back the reader is given a clean (minus the mentioned scene in the blurb) read free of glaring errors. Also I found that mentioned scene tasteful and perfectly executed, although the warning will be helpful for anyone with triggers. If it isn’t a trigger, don’t let it hold you back.
I look forward to reading more from Myra Nour.” – Heather Rexon-Capewell via Amazon



Excerpt 1:

The trees surrounding the glen where the witch was reported to live were bent over and twisted into odd shapes, as if they suffered arthritic pains. It was dusky dark under those snake-like contortions of limb and leaves, and smelled of mold and dampness under the deep purplish shade. Azra felt sure sunlight had never touched the earth beneath the overhanging giants, yet the sun had seared her shoulders before stepping into the trees gloom but a moment before.

 At first glance, she thought there was an overgrown hill nestled between the giants, but in reality, it was a profusion of vines and greenish-black creepers crawling into and over a tiny hut. A small door was barely distinguishable between the virulent growth, but someone kept the doorway cleared. Before her hand descended on the cracked wood, an ancient sounding voice called for her to enter. Her nostrils flared, offended by the strange smells emanating from within, the sickening mingling of ancient magic making it worse. Dark power. Dark magic. She shivered in reaction.

 She found a haggard old woman with lank hair dragging the ground, sitting on a small stool and stirring a smelly concoction in a hearth blackened pot. The interior was darker than the tree shadows, relieved only by the hearth fire, which threw out shoots of sparks and faint light. It lit the witch’s face and Azra realized she’d held her breath for a horrified moment, for the old crone looked an ogre in its lair.

The woman grinned widely showing two bone white teeth, everything else in her mouth blackened or greenish with decay. Azra shivered as she realized how the witch’s appearance replicated the hut’s exterior, and the old sorceress knew well the image she created.

“Fairy child, come to the old witch for help, eh?”


Excerpt 2:

Rounding a tree, she came face to face with a scene from hell and what must be an escaped beast from its bowels. A huge, hulking creature stood over the mangled and torn remains of several villagers. Its skin was a dark green, knotted with strange configurations of flesh on its skin, as if its muscle fought for dominance and pushed upward into the flesh from beneath. A weepy wetness made the skin shiny and oily; it reeked of slaughtering pens where the leavings had rotted for a day in the hot air.

The putrid ripe odor caused Azra to grab her nose and also gained the beast’s attention. As its eyes pinned her location, she was frozen, couldn’t move if her life depended on it -– and it did. The gaping mouth filled with two-inch horrific jagged teeth opened as if pleased with her presence. Blood, bits of flesh and dripping strings of saliva drooled from its jaws as it started toward her.

 “Tarsha!” She commanded loudly, thrusting both arms outward at the same time. It was a powerful word, one used to immobilize. The nightmarish creature shook its head slightly, as if she had muddled its thoughts temporarily, then thudded the few steps it took to be within striking distance.

 One solitary tear trickled down her cheek as she whispered, “Bretuck, I’m sorry.”

 The beast stumbled, then straightened, a stunned look crossed its grotesque face.

 A gurgling “augh” poured from its rasping throat.

The thing screeched in agony, plunged to its knees with a crash and lifted its tortured eyes to hers with a pitiful expression, if such were possible with such a beast. A quiver of responding pity flashed through her and horrified at her reaction, Azra took a step backward. The monster thrust his arms toward and cried out.



Demon Killer won 1st place 2014 as Reviewers Choice in the BTS Book Awards.

Demon Killer was previously published in the Shifters anthology published by NCP. It won these awards and was nominated for others:

  • Golden Rose 2002 Reader Choice Awards nominee for Best Anthology
  • 2003 EPPIE Winner for Best Anthology
  • Quasar 2003 Finalist
  • 2003 The SilverMoon Chalice Award nominee



Myra Nour is the author of several best-selling romance novels, including Love’s Captive. She retired as CEO of BTSeMag in January 2016 and began focusing on her horror books. She is a huge fan of horror, loves The Walking Dead and devours zombie books.


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