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– Time Shifters –

Briana has heard his voice for years in dreams. Calling to her. She hears that same voice from the handsome stranger she meets on vacation, captivating and so familiar. When he unexpectedly transforms into a werewolf, Briana flees in horror. She knows him … he is the wolfman who haunts her nightmares. More than anything else, it is her lustful response to the beast that terrifies her.

When Raynor finally meets his mate, he is confused by her reaction and even more so by her response when he shifts. She doesn’t recognize him. In an attempt to escape, Briana jumps through the time portal of his people, landing her in Medieval England. Raynor must rescue her, which requires bonding with Briana as her mate. But first he must teach Briana that she is a shifter, then convince her not to be repelled by her other self, an ancient, powerful shifter. A snakewoman.

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Time Shifters

by Myra Nour

Loose Id

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– Excerpt from Time Shifters –

She should have turned and bolted before the fog cleared, or at least after she got a good look at the transformed Raynor. But she couldn’t move an inch. He was magnificent, as physically attractive in his own way as his human counterpart. Thick black hair covered his massive body. He was a beautiful male animal, in the truest sense.

Briana’s wandering eyes went there, to his male organ, which she’d avoided visual contact with earlier. While she stared, it rose slowly, pushing aside the hair hiding its large size. Her breath came in short pants and she swiped at her mouth. She was shocked when she glanced down at her hand. Spittle shone on the back of it. She was drooling!

She stumbled back a step. “What’s happening to me?” she shouted, strangely unafraid of the beast facing her.

A thick, guttural, barely human voice came from the wolfman. “You are my mate. Come to me.” It waved a furry hand at her.

Briana didn’t know if she was dreaming or going insane, but the fact that she did want to step into his embrace and wrap her legs around his hairy body shocked her to the core. This attraction terrified her, unlike his physical appearance, which she should have been frightened of, but wasn’t. Real or not, she couldn’t deal with this horror in any form.

Finally, Briana broke from her paralysis. Running swiftly past the beast, she entered another tunnel that shot into the dark. Unknown territory. She didn’t know why she hadn’t run back the way she’d come in, but something pulled at her to continue in this new direction.

She ran for a full minute or so before she heard his voice calling to her. It sounded fully human; he must have metamorphosed back into the handsome Raynor.

Putting an extra spurt of energy into her run, Briana almost stumbled when she screeched to a halt upon entering another rocky room. This one was large, but strangely, several large comfortable-looking couches lined one wall, and three heavily upholstered throne-like chairs faced the couches.

Turning, she quickly surveyed the room, surprised to see an arched opening, its foot-wide facing carved with strange etchings. The elegant markings looked like writing. What lay beyond the arch was just as surprising. The sight of trees and low-growing bushes met her eyes. For a second, she was completely disoriented, then realized this must be some type of interior garden. Maybe, there’d be a place she could hide from the man/beast. His voice echoed; he seemed but mere feet away. Without hesitation Briana ran into the courtyard.

* * * *

“Briana.” He called her name over and over, to no avail. Raynor stepped into each of the tunnels which connected to the room. Her scent was in none of them. Lifting his head higher, he followed the scent of faint perfume to the edge of the portal.

He stared into a scene of ancient times. Heavy, jungle growth overran the area he could survey, and a six-foot-tall dinosaur ran by on strong, swift back legs. “No,” he whispered aloud. “You cannot have gone there.” She would not survive in such a world, alone and unaware of her powers.

Turning quickly, he headed for the central passage, going through its tortuous path in record time.

The large inner sanctum was pleasant; its many pieces of heavily padded couches and chairs, plus several lush carpets underfoot, made it a welcome abode.

And a comfortable dwelling for the elders, who guarded the cave and the time portal.

“You are distressed, my son. Did your mate not come?” Bhaskar, the eldest and wisest of the three shapeshifters, spoke. His tall, slender form was swathed in a guardians’ ceremonial robe; his flowing white hair stark against the black material.

“Yes, but she ran into the portal.”

“What?” Chao asked with alarm, his heavy Mediterranean accent evident even in that one spoken word.

“Explain,” Gorna, the female elder encouraged kindly.

Raynor paced, his agitation too forceful to contain at a standstill. “She acted peculiar when she arrived. In fact,” he eyed each in turn, “she acted like she didn’t know what she was…nor did she have any idea who I was.”

“This is very unusual.”

“Stranger still,” he looked Bhaskar in the eye. “She freaked out when I changed.”

“Freaked out?” Gorna turned to Bhaskar, her waist-length ice-blue locks fanning out around her as she moved.

“Was terrified,” he answered. Turning to Raynor, he said, “Gorna doesn’t get out much. I’m afraid the language of younger people confuses her.”

Raynor bowed to Gorna. “I apologize.”

“Father,” he addressed Bhaskar with the fullest, most respectful title, one reserved for the wisest of elders. “Do you know why my mate would be so terrified of seeing my werewolf form?” He paused for a heartbeat. “I suspected she might have bumped her head, but I’m not sure.”

“We must read her scent,” Chao stated, getting up swiftly for one so old; the others followed just as spryly.

It didn’t take long for them to gather in front of the portal, but it took much longer for the elders to sniff the air repeatedly and whisper in argumentative tones.

“We smell no injury, my son.”

Raynor stared with surprise at the leader. “Then what is wrong with her?”

“We sense an uninitiated.” Bhaskar paused, confusion in his red-brown eyes. “Also, she was never imprinted on us.”

“What?” He stumbled over his words. “How can that be, Father?” He knew as well as the elders, shapeshifters came into their first shifting around the time of puberty. And imprinting—all shifters were brought to the elders for this ceremony within two years after their birth.

“Remember your first shifting, Raynor? It is not only a natural part of our being, the young must be guided by an experienced shifter.”

“What are you saying?”

The three glanced at each other, then back to him. “Many years ago, there was a young couple who left their clan…they’ve never been heard from since. The elders’ council picked up their essence through the years, but we’ve not sensed them in fifteen years.”

“I did not know this was possible.”

“Oh, very possible.” Gorna chuckled. “But very unwise. To be alone without support of the clan members amongst so many humans…”

She did not need to finish her sentence. All shapeshifter children were brought up to believe in the unity of the clan. It was central to their survival.

“How—why would they do this?” he asked. Why would any shapeshifters leave their clan and endanger themselves or any children to the humans?

Bhaskar shrugged. “Who knows for sure? Perhaps they were rebels.”

“Or maybe they didn’t wish to be shifters,” Raynor stated. He was horrified at such a thought. His parents had been enthusiastic teachers of their ways; it was hard to imagine shifters who did not wish to share their rich heritage with their children.

“Where did you hear this?” The leader’s expression was concern exemplified.

“Rumors have a way of making the rounds.” He shook his head. “All this time, Fathers, I thought it simply another myth about our people.” His voice was hesitant when he asked, “You think she is the daughter of this couple?” If this were true, how sad for poor Briana. To never have known the love and caring of the clan, the history of the Reeshon, and to never experience the thrill of shifting—it was unfair that she had missed all these wondrous practices and knowledge.

“Yes,” Bhaskar nodded. “The entrance to the cave would not have opened, as well you know, if she were not a shifter. She would not even have seen it.”

“Then how?” Raynor was truly puzzled over his mate, a shifter who was not truly a shifter, not yet at least.

Gorna picked up the thread of the conversation, “Her parents either died before teaching her to shift, or they chose not to teach her.” Her sharp blue eyes became slightly sad. “Certainly, her parents never brought her for the imprinting.”

He looked perturbed. “What would this do to her—failing to shift and denying her nature?”

Bhaskar’s face was solemn. “She would be a restless spirit, never feeling as if she truly belonged anywhere. She would find no human male to her liking for long. And she would hear her mate’s call as only a distant song, not a deep yearning she could not resist.”

Raynor nodded in instant understanding. He’d often wondered over the past few years why it had taken so long for his mate to respond. When he’d discerned her presence nearby at last, he’d come to the Cave of Immortality to await her arrival.

“I must go after her.”

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– Reviews for Time Shifters –

4 Harlies! Recommended Read! As most know, I don’t read PNR but I decided to give this one a chance. It had a different kind of shapeshifter that I don’t think I’ve ever read before. Plus, I LOVE time travel stories, too. This one had both things that I was looking for in the story.

I will have to admit that the very beginning of the book almost made me put it down for good. Its something that I thought wasn’t allowed but once I got passed it the book started to deliver for me. What was interesting about the story was Briana. I loved her from the start. Look, if I was having her kind of dreams and then see her mate as a shifter first? I’d be freaked out, too.

Briana and Raynor were a great couple. The complimented each other. And another thing that was interesting were “what” they are as shifters. I didn’t think they those types would get a long but they did. They made it work and fought for it. Of course, being in a Medieval England will do that to you. 😉

The time travel element was my favorite part of the story. I like the aspect of not knowing what is acceptable in the culture and then having to deal with it. Makes for some humourous parts and then add to the mating ritual. Briana didn’t totally freak out when she found out that she was a powerful shifter. In the end, she owed it and used it to her advantage. Bring the vamps. LOL!

Raynor was a sweet, sexy shifter. He was patient but at the same time befuddled with Briana. But I will say at times, his patience wore thin on me. I think I expected the big bad hero and in a way he wasn’t with Briana in the beginning. Again, it wasn’t until they got to Medieval England did the book really moved along.

Oh and I would be remiss to talk about the action, danger and the world that Ms. Nour created. Bravo! I hate when reading a PNR and I get the same old, same old. I was excited by the twists and plot turns that this book took. 🙂

If you are looking for her erotic book, its not here. Its a more toned down version but there is still plenty of steam here. She doesn’t disappoint here either. I read the original version years ago, so it was a complete joy to re-read the book again.Harlie’s Books

5 Stars! This is a paranormal romance of two shifters, Brianna and Raynor who are longing to find what was missing in their lives, each other.
Brianna always felt something was missing. Unaware of her past she struggles to fit in during the day, than is pulled into alluring, haunting dreams at night. They were frightening but left her feeling more satisfied than any man in her life ever had. Raynor was a shifter who spent his life looking for his mate. He would call her; invade her dreams, waiting for her to come to him. Until one day she walks in, than runs out.

Journey back in time to discover why Brianna and Raynor may be destined to struggle, trapped to face a lifetime of danger from the unknown. I laughed, cried and cheered these two on, loving every page. Myra Nour has created a story rich with background, emotion and enough passionate, steamy sex to warm you during any cold night. – Lynda Kaye Frazier, BTS Book Reviews

4 Stars! Hot, sexy, and action packed. The author brings you to a world filled with mystical beings, wise elders, and love of two individuals fated to be together. The unique breed of shapeshifters that the author introduced is really cool. The way that she used real life facts to support her world is commendable. One can certainly sympathize with the characters as they grow and develop throughout the story. Fan girls are sure to develop an attachment to Reynor due to his awesome physique and his gentle and teasing nature. The story’s ending will bring forth smiles and dreamy sighs from its readers. – Francine Alli, BTS Book Reviews

4/5 Review! I was not sold on this book when I first picked it up. I assumed that it would be a typical shifters romance novel but boy was I wrong. A mix of suspense, romance and time travel was definitely a great twist to your everyday paranormal romances.

Raynor had me fall for him since the beginning of the story. The sexy, gentle, caring, protective man is the type of guy a lot of women dream of. Briana, on the other hand, was not the type of heroine I expected. I, however, did love her personality and boldness when she shifted.

I do wish there was more back story to the characters. It was a here and now type of story with very little background to their lives. I was definitely drawn in and would have loved it if was longer. I will be checking out more of Myra Nour’s books as this one had a great amount of potential. It was a quick read but it was good. – Carmen, Bitten by Love Reviews

4 Stars! Time Shifter is something different from all of the other books out there. Briana hears a voice calling to her. She fears him when he shifts into something terrifying, but she can’t help but feel the attraction and curiosity towards the voice and man, Raynor. Raynor realizes Briana is his mate and he won’t let anything come between them. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t feel the same way. They shift in time and dimensions and that is where the story becomes more interesting.

At first, I thought this story would be far-fetched. But, the more I read, the more I enjoyed. It is well written, well developed with amazing character development and unique world building. I couldn’t get enough! It’s tough to find a book so different that it keeps my attention, but this one did just that and made me want to continue reading more.Crystal’s Many Reviewers. 2017.

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– Reader Comments for Time Shifters –

5 Stars Good book could not put it down! from Kenogirl at Amazon

5 Stars Loved this book! from Crystal at Goodreads

5 Stars from Cindy at Goodreads

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