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This movie review is courtesy of Toni V. Sweeney. I was really creeped out by this movie. Very chilling and a good one to watch if you’ve not seen it and you love a good scary movie. Toni also shares information on her novel, Child of the Dark World.


JEEPERS CREEPERS…Every 23 years, it feeds for 23 days…


Since Jeepers Creepers III is currently in production in Louisiana, and it’s still unclear whether it will be a theatrical release or go directly to all compatible devices except disc (darn it!), let’s take a moment to review the original story, and see where it all began, shall we…?

This is what I’d call an “encore” movie, meaning you’ll want to watch it more than once.  Every time I view this film, I find it as scary as it was when I originally saw it in the theater.


Because it doesn’t follow the usual clichés,  and even those few times it does…it still doesn’t.

The tale of two homeward bound college students running (literally) into a man-sized cannibalistic gargoyle is eerie, scary, and simply good fun, if “fun” is the proper word to describe a horror film.

The legend is that on a particular stretch of land, bad things happen. Something appears every twenty-three years, feeding for twenty-three days. Unfortunately for our two collegiates, this happens to be Day 23…

There’s no explanation why the creature exists or why he’s only allowed twenty-three days of resurrection. In the end it doesn’t matter because he makes good (bad?) use of that short time span.

One way this film deviates from others is that when the kids tell the authorities what they’ve seen (mass of bodies arranged in a decomposing mosaic in a deserted church basement, weird man in rags driving truck that tries to run them off the road, the song “Jeepers Creepers” playing some kind of part in the mystery), they are believed.

Can you imagine it?  Police officers actually listen, and think they’re telling the truth and are not stoned or drunk or simply trying to pull some kind of con?


Justin Long, with his wide shock-struck eyes, shown so many times in close-up, becomes the film’s perfect motif. This guy is an under-rated actor. JC was the first movie I’d seen him in and feel it is much better than some of his later efforts such as the tasteless but poignant Tusks. Gina Phelps is great as stubborn sister Trisha, a young lady who doesn’t sit around and wring her hands or walk when she should run. Her vicious use of her car to run down the winged creature is both shocking and satisfying in its own gory way. The rest of the cast is good also, though most are minor because Long and Phelps are in almost every scene. Veteran actresses Ellen Brennan is seen in a brief but eerie role and Patricia Belcher from the TV show Bones, has an important place as a clairvoyant everyone ignores (unfortunately) and patronizes.

From the moment the bickering siblings meet up with the armored truck-like vehicle on the deserted road…to the point where the brother teases his sister about falling for the investigating officer while that same officer is being killed in the car behind them… to the shock of a finish, it’s all a horror film should be.

The creepy little song sung behind the credits in a jumpy jazzy 1930’s-style, sung in a disturbingly jocular tone, doesn’t hurt, either…it’s that eerie. I’m wondering if this was written especially for the film since I’ve heard it used in previews for other movies.
This is a good “horror” movie because it keeps the theme intact but ignores enough of the rules to make it different.

NOTE:  Jeepers Creepers II had its moments but lacked the originality of the first movie.  Let’s hope JC III picks up where Number 1 left off.

Information about Toni’s thrilling novel.


Blurb for Child of the Dark World:

Two-year-old Robbie Chambers has a problem.

Since he was born, things have appeared to him, creatures no one else can see. They speak in a secret language, and lately what they say is very disturbing, especially the entity calling itself Robbie’s father.

Robbie isn’t aware of the things happening before he was born, how he was conceived to bring imprisoned creatures from another dimension to once more enslave the Earth. He has no knowledge of the death of his mother’s husband or the rituals carried out on Land’s End Island, nor of the hatred existing between Dexl von Dorff and Dr. Daniel Walker. He can’t understand the mad and possessive love his father had for his mother, or the fact of that love still existing in whatever Hell Drex’s soul now dwells.

Robbie loves his mother and his new stepdad but “Daddy” says Dr. Daniel Walker is dangerous. He has to die…Robbie must kill him.

Every little boy wants his father to be proud of him.

Is Mommy going to become a widow for the second time?





Von Dorff Death Ruling

BRUNSWICK, GA (AP)—After presentation of testimony by Glynn County Coroner Amos Courtland and other witnesses, the death of Drexl von Dorff has been ruled accidental.

“All things considered, this is the only determination that can be made,” said Judge Robert Locke. “If I could, I’d call it an “Act of God.”

He wouldn’t elaborate further.

The inquest was closed to both the public and the Press.

Von Dorff died March 22 when he was struck by lightning while Temple police were attempting his arrest.


Devil-Worshipper’s Will Read

TEMPLE, GA (AP)—It was disclosed today that a few months before his death, cult leader Drexl von Dorff made a will leaving ownership of Land’s End Island and assets in excess of three million dollars in trust for Lisa Chambers’ unborn child.

“This simply makes the whole business even weirder,” Police Chief Tracy Rader said. “It would appear von Dorff didn’t intend for Mrs. Chambers or the child to be harmed. It’s as if he expected them to outlive him.”

The exact nature of the rites for which Mrs. Chambers and her son were intended

has never been learned. An inquest will be held this month.


In spite of it all, he had truly loved her, and he left her a child…a child she would

destroy her soul to protect, a child in whom his father’s darkness still lived, and only those long-dead held the power to defeat.


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