Featured Author in October Uncaged Book Reviews

Kit Morgan

Hearts of the Northwest : A Sweet Historical Romance Set in the Northwest (Regional Romance Series Book 4



“She’s run off, boys! Go get her!”

Those were Colt and Wolf Remington’s father’s last words concerning their sister Liana. But after finding out he’d arranged a marriage for her to Elmer Pruitt, was it any wonder she ran off? But now they had to find her, and that might not be so easy …

Liana Remington’s father decided she should become a bride. Problem was, he didn’t inform her of his plans. So rather than marry the biggest bore in Texas, she would rather become a mail-order bride and marry a stranger. After all, it was the only way to find a glimmer of happiness for herself. But could she find it with a man who had his two beautiful sisters living with him? Had she just left the frying pan and landed in the fire? Would the life she left in Texas repeat itself in the soggy Northwest? Worse, when her brothers show up, will she ever have a chance at love with the handsome Dr. Martin Kirby?

Colton Remington took his father’s request seriously. But he could also understand why Liana left. Still, running off to who-knows-where was dangerous and foolhardy. What if she was accosted, kidnapped or worse? She didn’t know the ways of the world. He did. The war had taught him more than enough. But with the help of his brother, they’d find her and if anything, bring her back to live with them. Unfortunately, when they caught up to her, Liana wasn’t the one in danger, he was! Pearl Kirby would be the death of him. Who knew a pair of soft brown eyes could be so threatening?

Wolf Remington didn’t like being dragged off to help find his sister. If she wanted to escape their father, let her. Didn’t she deserve some happiness? But Colt didn’t see it that way and, as Wolf was an expert tracker and had a sense for finding people, they soon found themselves in Oregon City, Oregon. However Liana wasn’t in as much danger as his brother thought. In fact, she looked to be getting along fine with her doctor beau. But if Colt had his way, they’d be taking her back to Texas. That is unless Wolf and the doc’s younger sister, Ruby, made it look like they were getting along just fine too. Problem was, the little spitfire irritated him to no end! How was he ever going to keep up the ruse?