Featured Author in July Uncaged Book Reviews

Dillon Walker

Friends, Family and Other Tragedies

Young Adult



Eighteen-year-old Andy lives in a small town and from the outside, it looks like she has it all. She’s a dancer awaiting the opportunity of a lifetime, she has a wonderful best friend, and is dating the richest, not to mention hottest, boy in school. But behind the face, she puts on every morning, Andy is being buried by fear and grief. The boyfriend she claims to love hurts her. Her grandparents died when she was ten, her dad died when she was 13, and she never got the chance to meet her mom. As she awaits audition results from Juilliard, Andy is forced to navigate her fear of both her boyfriend and the thought of losing her best friend of 15 years. However, as her boyfriend becomes more violent and results get closer and closer, Andy finds the stories her family left behind and learns that she has the strength hidden inside her that she needs. But she knows that if she doesn’t find it soon, leaving will lead to something more permanent than a scar.