Book Chat: Zombie Road: Convoy of Carnage

An armored convoy of trucks race against time to save their scattered families and get the survivors to safety.





The people that tried to kill the world were fiendishly clever. After decades of planning, the contagion was unleashed and overnight hundreds of millions died and came back as rampaging, undead monsters. The living that had been lucky enough to survive the first day of carnage, lucky enough to be in the right place and lucky enough that some of them had the skills they needed, soon found out there was much more to worry about than just zombies. In the high desert on the outskirts of Reno, there is an old truck stop frequented by a mix of hard caliber truckers, day tourists, musicians and travelers. They have survived the chaotic first hours of contact with the undead and now must make their way across the country to a location they believe is safe. Zombies are only the beginning of their troubles as they try to cover the thousands of miles of open road with their hastily armored 18-wheelers. Gunny, a long haul trucker doing one of the few jobs available to him as a disgraced soldier, is unwillingly saddled with the job of getting these survivors to the safe zone. With a motley crew of truck drivers, college kids, veterans, a drug dealer and a rock star, they are racing the clock to make it before time runs out. The last text he had received from his wife before the cell towers went down told him she was trapped in a high-rise in downtown Atlanta and their son was in detention, stranded in the basement of the school he attended. Gunny just wanted to drop the hammer, steal some guns and blast his way in to rescue them but duty called. He had to get these people to safety first, then he could recruit the best of this crew to help him save his family. If they survived the journey.


Two thumbs up!! Truckers versus zombies! I haven’t read another apocalyptic undead novel along these lines. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

When the outbreak hit, most of the main characters were at the Three Flags truck stop in Nevada; an out-of-the-way place in the desert, frequented by truckers and tourists. The owner, Cobb, had made it a sprawling complex of stores, diner, mechanic shop and much more.

When the first zombies arrive and attack people outside the diner, Gunny, a prior military man turned trucker, jumps into action. While civilians were trying to figure out what was happening, the truckers (many x military) started securing the buildings and parked big rigs to block doors and windows. The complex was a great set up; secure, with food and other items on hand needed for a siege. But once the water stopped, it was discovered the old well out back would not work. Plus the threat of nuclear plants going hot and with the truck stop in a danger zone from fall-out, a new safe haven had to be found.

Gunny had already planned to rescue his wife and son in Atlanta, but his plans changed to include everyone leaving together, once the two big issues were detected. A convoy of trucks tricked out for repelling the undead headed for an area the government declared as safe. Along the way Gunny would stop in Atlanta.

The survivors encounter hordes of zombies who are fast, strong and relentless. The fight scenes, characters and the undead were described well. There were several surprises I don’t want to give away; including who created the zombies and a position in the government Gunny reluctantly accepted. A highly recommended read for zombie fans. Now I can’t wait to read the sequel.





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