Book Chat: Zombie Fallout 5:

Alive In A Dead World 

by Mark Tufo

The 5th book in the Fallout saga and I still can’t get enough! Mark & his crew battle zombies, the wicked Queen of the undead, scummy humans, & betrayal.

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In the latest installment of Mark Tufo’s zombie fallout series, Mike Talbot and his family continue their fight for survival as Eliza plots their demise.


After the confrontation with Eliza at the end of Book 4, Mike convinces Tracy to return to the compound. He, BJ and a few other group members go in search of much needed gun power. Looking house to house is extremely dangerous; possible survivors protecting what is theirs, or zombies can be encountered.

Running across a storage facility, he leaves Brian, Paul and Mrs. Deneaux to search for guns, while the rest of the team continues scavenging houses.  Meanwhile, Paul, Brian and the old woman barely escape a new confrontation with Eliza. Paul gets separated from them and runs into a house, which is filled with feral cats. Unfortunately Brian is bitten and Mrs. Deneaux hastens his demise and runs away.

Mike makes a powerful discovery. He can halt a zombie by thinking the word STOP in his mind. Fleeing from a zombie horde, the friends are aided by survivors Mary and her son Josh. The two are well supplied with food and the house is boarded up, with steel doors as added security. All thanks to her now missing husband, who disappeared while on a supply run. Mike knows it is only a matter of time before their supplies start dwindling and try to convince the two to join their compound.  But Mary believes in her house and doesn’t want to leave.

BT is bitten and Mike cannot stand the idea of him turning into an undead creature. Experimenting with his new mind control, Talbot is able to stop the virus from spreading in his friend’s body, but feels it is a tenuous thing at best.

Mrs. Deneaux ends up with the group at Mary’s house, and Mike finds the old woman’s explanation of her separation from his friends, full of holes, but keeps his eye on her. He becomes angry when the old crone starts whispering to Mary, clearly turning her against Talbot. Mike searches for Paul and discovers his body in the feline abode; they had killed and partially eaten his friend. Furious, Talbot sets the house on fire.

Mike’s clothes, then his body ignite from the fireball explosion of the house, and to top off his bad luck, he is surrounded by zombies. Gary and BJ attempt to rescue him, but they realize it is too late. Meanwhile, Eliza is amassing the undead to send against the Talbot clan. At the end, we learn the origins of the Blood Stone, which is very interesting.

Another exciting novel from Mark Tufo. I do not think we’ve heard the last of Mike Talbot!






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