Book Chat: Zombie Fallout 3

Another action-packed, rib cracking zombie novel from Tufo’s excellent series.

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Zombie Fallout 3: The End… Continues Michael Talbot’s quest to be rid of the evil named Eliza that hunts him and his family across the country. As the world spirals even further down into the abyss of apocalypse one man struggles to keep those around him safe. Side by side Michael stands with his wife, their children, his friends and the wonder Bulldog along with the Wal-Mart greeter Tommy who is infinitely more than he appears and whether he is leading them to salvation or death is only a measure of degrees.


In this book in the series, we discover who Tommy is and how he got to be that way, which is interesting to say the least. After the group is rescued by the military, they are taken to Camp Custer. Mike is severely wounded in the shoulder and BT has a broken leg. Both will need weeks of recovery time, but will they have it with Eliza hot on their trail?

Doctor Baker at the camp tries an experiment on Justin; a shot of the virus vaccine. Perhaps it can push Eliza out of the boy’s system. It does work, clearing him from Eliza’s influence, but he must receive a shot every day in order to maintain his humanity. Way too soon, Eliza, hordes of zombies and human traitors attack the camp. Although the military puts up a valiant fight, Mike knows it is a losing battle. Talbot discovers a zombie repellant on one of the attackers and goes after more humans working for Eliza, so his family can stay safe while escaping.

The family does manage to flee and head for Maine where most of Mike’s relatives live. It’s a racquous scene when everyone is reunited and Talbot’s family are as unique as he is. As BT claims, they are all nuts. Tommy slips away to find Eliza, because she won’t leave the family alone unless he goes to her, or so he thinks. Mike loves his adopted son Tommy and once he finds him gone, is determined to go after him. Some of the group will stay with Mike’s family, others will go with him. I can’t wait to see how Talbot rescues Tommy, for I’m sure he will.

Note: Up to this point in the series, I honestly didn’t see the value of Henry the dog. I know Talbot loves him, but he doesn’t contribute to the group other than stinking their space up. And yes, I know he’s there for comedic value. BUT, when Henry kills a redneck who is about to slaughter his master, he is redeemed in my eyes. It was an amazing attack and I cheered him on. Now when he stinks up a scene, as described so eloquently by the author, I’ll just roll my eyes as I’m sure Talbot does.  PS: I am a dog lover; our mini schnauzer is like our child.

Each novel has fully developed characters, great storylines, lots of action and humor out the ying-yang. A rollicking series, highly recommended for horror, zombie, and Mark Tufo fans.





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