Book Chat: When There’s No More Room in Hell

A zombie story set in England, making it more difficult for people to survive without guns on hand.





Mankind is on the brink of extinction. A deadly plague sweeps the globe like a tsunami causing the dead to rise and prey on the living. When there s no more room in Hell is a horror/action set in a post apocalyptic world filled with suspense, drama, humour, grief and action. While one brother fights his way home through the horrors and confusion of a savage landscape from the Meat Grinder that is Iraq, the other finds himself as the leader of a rag-tag band of survivors striving to survive against the onslaught of the dead.


Another zombie novel set in England, which I love. Seeing how another culture handles a zombie apocalypse is interesting, especially given that the citizens don’t have guns like us Americans, so survival is going to be harder.

Steve is a regular guy when the zombie outbreak happens. He is floating through life, but zeros in on survival once things turn bad. He takes his daughter and heads for a zoo, set up like a safari park. It is surrounded by high fencing and out of the way, so it seems like a good safe haven.

Steve quickly becomes the leader of others already sheltering there, which includes staff from the park. One woman, a supervisor in the park before the apocalypse, tries to establish her leadership, but Steve backs her down. She is a bully and he doesn’t think she has what it takes for the job. He was right, she causes nothing but trouble.

There are several other characters stories told. One was about a man who was bitten and we follow him for a while. It was sad when he remembered where he worked, stumbled into the business, and then recognized his photo on the wall. Another character, Tony, was a disgusting human being, preying on others as the outbreak rages. Steve deals with Tony later in a very brutal manner I totally approved of.

Meanwhile, Steve’s brother Marcus is caught in Afghanistan. Marcus and his fellow soldiers, part of a security team, travel through the Middle East to the coast, fighting tooth and nail all the way. Their goal is Europe and finally England. It will be interesting to see how or if they make it back home. I’m assuming the next book will cover their harrowing journey. Recommended for zombie fans.





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