Book Chat: Vampirus

A terrifying tale of vampires and a man struggling to survive the vampire apocalypse.

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Vampirus. It took them one by one by one. A virulent plague straight out of the Middle Ages, it put millions into their graves but they did not stay there. When the sun goes down, they rise to feed on the blood of the living and spread the terrible pandemic. As the thirsty dead fill the streets, one man will exterminate them. They took his daughter, then his wife. Night belongs to them, but the days are his. He will destroy them. One by one by one.



Luke was an average man when the bug started, quickly becoming a plague. As the death toll mounts, survivors began to barricade themselves in their homes due to some wild stories circulating. Stories that the dead were coming back.

Luke’s small town swiftly becomes a virtual graveyard. Some people fled, but where could they go when the virus was everywhere? Many houses looked vacant, and Luke rarely saw people out and about. The National Guard is collecting the dead each day, burning their remains in a large pit. Unfortunately, Luke’s wife and young daughter have been sick for a while, but he tends to them with loving care. When they die, he can’t stand the idea of them being burned in a communal pyre, so he entombs them in a mortuary.

As conditions escalate, Luke refuses to believe what he senses – that vampires are taking over his town. Deciding to face his fear and dispel the madness in his thoughts, he goes back to the mortuary. His wife and daughter are gone, only their shrouds remain. Abruptly, Luke is surrounded by ghostly figures in the cemetery; many he knew who died from the plague. He must decide to fight or succumb to the evil around him. I’m glad he chose to fight, taking new death to the vampires as he hunts them down.

I don’t want to give away too much, but Luke acquires psychic powers that will aid him in fighting the vampires better. I was glad he found Stephi, who he’d had a crush on in high school. Their pairing helped heal his loneliness a bit, and gave him a strong partner in the fight.

Shades of Salem’s Lot and Last Man on Earth made this a very enjoyable read, since I love both these novels. But the author presents his own unique perspective on the vampire apocalypse. Beware, if you read this at night, you may find yourself looking out at the gloomy shadows. Richly descriptive, with a dark language that pulls you into the story and drags you down into the characters horrifying world. Highly recommended for Jack Hamlyn fans and readers who love dark vampire stories.




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