Book Chat:The Hunt Chronicles Volume 2:


The sequel to the exciting zombie series, with an ordinary guy as the hero…who does indeed grow into a heroic character.





In the months following the Awakening, Christian’s group of survivors grows but they are still outnumbered by the hordes of zombies and scabs plaguing the world. With their security at risk, they must move to safer ground.

When Christian and Boomer get separated from the group, Christian is caught in a life or death struggle forcing him to reveal his immunity and hope he can trust the one person who knows his secret.

After Fish leads a daring rescue to save a group of specialists, they discover the origin of the virus and a plan is forged to get them to the Hoover Dam. New hope is on the horizon until a betrayal within the camp threatens not only Christian’s life but the lives of all humanity.


In the 1st book, I wondered about the main character Christian. He was a coward in the beginning, and while I’m willing to give characters a chance, I wouldn’t wish to keep reading a series with a Cowardly Lion that can’t grow into a stronger character. Christian deliveries what I was hoping for in the 2nd book, becoming a bad-ass warrior.

The group of survivors had a pretty good set up at a hardware store, but then it begins to get invaded by scabs. These creatures are much worse than “normal zombies”. They were people who got bit but didn’t die; are smarter, stronger and faster. With danger becoming overwhelming, the group decides to move to Camp Holly, a less than stellar campground in the pre-apocalyptic day. But it works well strategically, being surrounded on 3 sides by water.

Throughout the story, Christian and his fellow survivors meet and save others, growing the community. There’s a traitor in their midst and Fish saves Christian before the man can carry out his vengeful plans.

All the while Christian hesitates in sharing the information that he is immune. If it is interpreted incorrectly, he could be shot. Not surprisingly (only to Christian it seems) the others are pleased when they learn of his immunity. At the end, a plan is formulated to take Christian and Dr. Tripp to Hoover Dam, where a lab is housed.

I enjoyed the book even a little more than the 1st, probably because I love heroic characters and Christian had grown into one beautifully. The action and vivid descriptions were well done. This series is recommended for zombie fans.


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