Book Chat: The Hungry

by Steven W. Booth & Harry Shannon

The first book in an action-packed zombie series with a kick-ass heroine.

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Zombies. Murderous Bikers. Power-crazed Military Commanders. And her Ex-Husband. Penny can’t catch a break in the fastpaced adventure, The Hungry Meet Sheriff Penny Miller. Penny is the kind of woman who will do whatever it takes to protect those she is sworn to serve, even when that includes a murderous biker, her wimpy ex-husband, a unit of incompetent National  Guardsmen, and the scientist responsible for releasing the undead upon an unsuspecting world.


Penny is a bit unusual but add in her beauty and she is not the normal career woman. When all heck breaks loose at the jail where she is sheriff, no one believes the undead are attacking. The heroine kicks it into high gear and saves her companions from being torn to bits.

Penny’s kickass heroics continue throughout the tale as her group runs into more people trying to survive the zombies.

The ending had a twist I didn’t expect. It is pretty hard to come up with fresh perspectives on the undead lore, so that was a nice surprise.

It was entertaining and a fun, action-packed ride. I would have given it higher marks, but Penny’s colorful language threw me out of the story several times. If you don’t like foul language, especially from the heroine, then this may not be the book for you. Otherwise, I still highly recommend it to zombie lovers as a good read.

All books in the series:

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