Book Chat: Ravenous

A savage werewolf tale of ordinary people caught in an extreme situation.



When Emily Crane’s car breaks down on a dark, lonely road at night, she is attacked and raped by a man she kills in self-defense. That night, the dead rapist walks out of the morgue. Later, Emily begins to experience strange cravings and her body undergoes terrifying changes.

When brutal killings leave victims partially eaten in the northern California coastal town of Big Rock, Sheriff Arlin Hurley scoffs at the talk of werewolves . . . until a tuft of wolf’s fur is found on a victim. It soon becomes clear that whatever is responsible for the killings, it is not alone. There are more than one. And they are doing something much worse than killing and eating people.


A woman is savagely raped and manages to kill her attacker by stabbing him in the eye. When Sheriff  Arlin  goes to investigate, the body of the assailant has disappeared from the hospital morgue. At the same time a naked man is seen running through the emergency room. A deputy that is sent after the nude man is brutally killed, partially eaten by some large animal.

Things start escalating and Arlin wonders what has happened to his once peaceful little town. More people are attacked, some torn apart and other women raped. A mysterious man, Fargo , approaches the Sheriff, wishing to share with him what is causing the mayhem in town.  The Sheriff can’t believe what Fargo says; that werewolves are infesting his town and it won’t take long for them to infiltrate everywhere if not stopped. To top off the bizarre story, Fargo states that the lycanthrope virus is transmitted sexually, not by being bitten as myth dictates.

The author takes us deep inside several characters personal stories, which makes it really sad when they are infected. We see several wolf creatures shot and as they die in anguish, they get stuck between a werewolf and a human. The ending is tragic but not unexpected.

Recommended for those who love werewolf stories or a good monster tale.  There is savagery and some explicit sexual scenes.




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