Book Chat: Monster Nation: A Zombie Novel

Magic mixed with a zombie apocalypse make for an intriguing tale.




In the heart of America, in the world’s most secure prison, something horrible is growing in the dark. A wave of cannibalism and fear is sweeping across the heartland, spreading carnage and infection in its wake. Captain Bannerman Clark of the National Guard has been tasked with an impossible mission: discover what is happening — and then stop it before it annihilates Los Angeles. In California, he discovers a woman trapped in a hospital overrun with violent madmen. She may hold the secret to the Epidemic but she has lost everything — even her name.



Los Angeles gets struck with a new deadly disease and far too quickly a zombie outbreak is sweeping outward. Captain Clark is assigned the duty of trying to figure out what is going on and if it can be stopped.

A young woman is bitten by one of the infected and runs into an oxygen bar because she can hardly breathe. When she awakens, she is not only alive, but undead, and unbelievably still able to reason. She can’t remember her name and little of her past, which causes her much anguish. She is nicknamed Nilla by a character in the story.

The female victim is contacted mentally by a mysterious man, Mael, who speaks to her. Nilla doesn’t know whether to trust him or not. He says she is the key to the future, which involves wiping out all humanity. Soon after, she meets a psychic who tells Nilla she is the key to stopping the epidemic.

Nilla struggles with her last dregs of humanity as she sometimes kills and eats humans due to her raging hunger, and at other times runs from the overwhelming pain of that need.

This story was different, infused with a mystical element of Mael, who talks with the young woman telepathically. Also, she can become invisible, another magical component. Even if you are a hardline zombie fan, this book was an interesting read.

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