Book Chat: Flying Mutant Zombie Rats

by Kat de Falla

Once a week I’ll be discussing a Book or Movie/TV Series I love. Or posting a submission from a reader/author about a movie or book in the horror or zombie genre. Sharing the love of a book or movie as if you were talking with a friend.


The offering this week is book geared toward the preteen and children audience, although I enjoyed it as well. So add in young at heart readers too.:) It’s all about a group of preteen friends who save the world from zombie rats from another dimension.






Summer vacation is almost here! And Pea O’Neil is stoked to try out the new local BMX track which is finally open. He and his gang of friends can ride all summer long! But when Pea tries a back flip, he unwittingly opens a portal to another dimension and hordes of flying mutant zombie rats are unleashed upon the city. With the help of an otherworldly talking cat sent to help prevent the demise of humankind, Pea and his friends must hunt down the hungry mutants and send them back before the portal closes. But when the zombie rats attack a neighbor man, the boys have to enlist the help of a graveyard looney and the city’s stray cats. With time running out, Pea and his gang track the monsters to the city’s sewer system. But in the city sewer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it’s eat…or get eaten.

My review:

Pea is a normal preteen, enjoying spending time with his good friends, especially having biking adventures on his BMX.  The gang can’t wait to the new track opens that week.

Pea slips off the night before the official opening to try the BMX track, but runs into trouble in the form of a strange cat and a creature that looks like a cross between a bat and a rat. A rat with wings. Unfortunately, a portal into another dimension had opened at the track and soon many flying mutant zombie rats are invading his home turf.

It’s a race against time to kill the rats and send them back through the portal. Pea enlists his friends in the dangerous mission, plus the cat, Maxillian, who happens to talk. The cat entered through the same portal, chasing after the rats. He wants to help the humans before the undead rats take over and cause a zombie epidemic.

Humans can turn into zombies if bitten by a rat, which happens to an elderly neighbor. Maxillian becomes a champion in more ways than one; leading Earth cats in an attack against the rats, and his saliva is the key to healing humans who have been bitten.

This was a cute book, perfect for kids and preteens who love zombies. Enough scares for this age, but not terrifying, with a few scenes of attacks on humans. Also a few gross-out incidences this age will love, like the neighbor cutting off his finger to entice his cat to come to him, so he can devour it. Which luckily doesn’t happen. Highly recommended for kids in this age group who love horror.