Book Chat: Evolution of the Dead

A different take on the zombie tale. Human hosts are infected with a worm parasite and they are evolving!







Since the beginning of time, an unknown life-form has been trapped inside every single human cell. Nature blocked it, denied its growth, denied its life.

Now, in a small lab, two scientists have stumbled upon this odd anomaly. One scientist believes this is what human life should have evolved into; and normal human life was a mistake.




The premise of the story was interesting. Something in human cells has stayed hidden throughout mankind’s evolution, and a fluke accident by a scientist sets it free. The result is catastrophic. Any infected person who touches, spits or vomits on another person transmits the disease, which is very nasty.  Human bodies are overtaken in a rapid, grotesque manner, ending with being infested with worms.

Several characters fight their way through a world gone mad with infestation. Carmen senses things about to happen and is helpful sensing danger. Nick seems like a good character but ends up being a really bad guy, one you want see taken down. To me, Scott is the hero of the story, but ends up doing something bad too, abandoning the injured Carmen.

The infestation was so virulent, I wasn’t sure if any characters would survive. I was glad when several did, including unlucky Carmen, who spends the story walking on a broken foot. A lot of action and fighting to survive.

Overall, a good read. If you don’t have a strong stomach I wouldn’t recommend reading.:) Made me queasy a few times but still enjoyed the ride.



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