Book Chat: Dark Transference

The Sequel to Estate of Horror

The chilling sequel that is filled with ghosts & poltergeist activity





There is a battle being waged at Anita’s house and
the combatants aren’t alive. The once docile, dormant ghostly residents of Anita Jo Intenzo’s 1800’s property are now enraged over the recent “dark trespassers” that have joined their household.
These sinister entities were unknowingly transported along with hundreds of ancient artifacts left to Anita by her deceased friend,Paul Jaeger, an anthropologist.



I didn’t read Estate of Horror but as I started reading  Dark Transference I saw right away it was a standalone read. References throughout the story to happenings at Estate of Horror helped me not feel lost as the events unfolded. The author gives accounts of ghostly phenomenon and poltergeist activity at her home. Unfortunately, ghosts have followed her from the home of her friend, Paul, where Estate of Horror took place.

Anita is the executor of Paul’s estate. After Paul died, she has boxes of items from Paul’s house stored in her basement, until she can figure out what to do with them. There is a real mystery involving the Nazi’s, the SS and Paul’s father who seemed to be a part of this group.

Anita’s son, Chris, is also a part of the scary events taking place in their home, including dark dreams that give them clues to past deeds. The author also speculates on the origin of the ancient artifact that seems to cause the paranormal emanations.

Note this is a nonfiction novel, a true account of real events reported by the author. It does not have the natural flow of a fiction work, but needs to be enjoyed as the nonfiction work it is. An open mind would help while reading this book, or a belief in paranormal events. My family experienced some strange things at the Victorian house we owned in LA, so I believe Anita’s story.



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