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From 12 to 6 (More Nightly Visits)

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Nightly Visits Continues with the second book of the series, From 12 to 6 (More Nightly Visits.) Released, July 5th, 2016, the book continues down the Trail of Dreams, a journey of horror, suspense, and fantasy that brings you witches and ghosts, and reflects on the much scarier side of the human mind.

There are several different kinds of horror. Nightly Visits is loaded with everything you fear, from monsters, ghosts, psychopaths, and witches to the common germ. Nightly Visits covers it all. But horror isn’t the only thing this series has to offer. Of the many stories you will find within the covers of these books, there are also some that will catch you off guard and make you laugh and some that will tug at your soul and make you shed a tear. The thing about Nightly Visits is that there are no rules. I wanted to release something that, not only jumps out to get cha, or splatter you in gore, but something most readers could relate to, at least to a point, regardless of preferred genre, yet still fall under the horror category. The characters are real people with real problems. The situations and emotions are real, based on people I personally know including myself. Horror with Class, I like to call it.

The newest book, From 12 to 6 has several stories, each one coming from a completely different direction than the last. The only thing these stories have in common is that they are all full of twists and unexpected turns, and they all come from the dark corners of the mind.

Story description:

Spots:  (Horror) Jacob is only one of many who suffer from Mysophobia, (fear of germs) and those around him will never truly understand why he is so obsessive with cleaning his apartment and staying closed up inside. But they don’t see what Jacob sees. The germs are not only everywhere, on everything, and transferred by everybody. They are actually coming to get him!

The Man Who Never Sleeps: (Action/Suspense) Follow a professional killer who is on a hit that turns out to be more than he bargained for.

The House on Villa Street: (Horror) Based on actual events! Some houses have creepy noises and shadows, but the house on Villa Street has something else. Will the new family that moved in survive to tell the tale?

Drip, Drip, Drip: (Horror) A young teen has finally earned her parent’s trust to be allowed to rule the house and babysit her little brother while they go out on a date night. What a bad night to leave their children alone; when someone is stalking the neighborhood.

The Longest Day in the World: (Emotional Fantasy) Ashlyn is only six years old. She is too young to understand why her parents can’t get along the way they used to, so she turns to her imaginary friend for comfort; but is he really imaginary?

These are only a few of the stories you will find in From 12 to 6.

We all have that monster inside us that lies dormant. Some may not realize it, and others may deny it, but it’s there waiting for us to let down our guard so it can take over. Come take the ride down the Trail of Dreams and experience the nightmares in true focus.

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Myra’s Review of Spots:

A chilling tale of a man spiraling down into madness. The main character is a Germaphobe, making Mr. Monk look rather mild in comparison. I was very interested because I loved watching that show, and Mr. Monk was quite humorous, even though we all know we shouldn’t laugh at someone with a mental illness like that.

There is no place for humor in Stephen’s story. The man is pitiful, and you wonder just how fast he will continue to descend mentally. And just how bad it will get. After all, this is a horror short story. The conclusion was horrific and that’s all I will say. Stephen pens a tragic tale with beautifully descriptive words. I am curious now about the other stories in the anthology and look forward to reading them.

SPOTS is only one of ten stories in From 12 to 6 (More Nightly Visits.) It can be read for free at Lisa’s Writobia or listen to (I read it) at YouTube.

Read Spots:

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Stephen’s love for horror covers many subgenres, whether they be supernatural, slasher films, and monster movies or zombies, vampires, werewolves, or giant beasts such as King Kong and Godzilla. “If it’s good, it’s good!”

     Of all the great writers out there, Stephen is influenced by the writings of Stephen King more than any other. “You can learn about an author by his/her writing. It’s King’s sense of humor and just the way he looks at different situations that pull me to him. I feel like I know him when I read his material.” Stephen Helmes’ writing has been compared to that of Stephen King, and he takes that as a major compliment.